RJB Ruthless Spine Navigational tool

Ruthless Spine's Journey to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry with the RJB

At Ruthless Spine, we understand the challenges faced by spinal surgeons when it comes to intraoperative surgical angle measurement tools. While accuracy is crucial, many existing systems demand significant investments in capital, time, and manpower to deliver value. That's why we've set out on a mission to revolutionize spine surgery and bring back a sense of zen.

About RJB: Intraoperative Surgical Angle Measurement Tool for Spine Surgery

Introducing the Ruthless Spine RJB—our game-changing intraoperative surgical angle measurement tool. With RJB, you can operate with confidence, maintain your surgical flow, and truly let your talent shine. Unlike traditional techniques, RJB offers all the benefits of surgical navigation without the procedural, financial, and training burdens.

RJB, Intraoperative surgical angle measurement tool

How Ruthless Spine's RJB Works

The RJB system is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It consists of a small Bluetooth-connected module that seamlessly attaches to to the instrumentation provided with the RJB device. Pairing the RJB with your Android or iOS tablet app takes a mere 5 seconds or less.

Once connected via Bluetooth, the RJB module displays the axial and sagittal trajectory of the instrument shaft directly on your tablet screen. This precise visualization enables pre-operatively templated orientation.

How Ruthless Spine's RJB is different than Traditional Intraoperative Surgical Angle Measurement Tools

 No more time-consuming registration and calibration processes. No need for expensive, bulky, and complex custom machinery. Just an off-the-shelf Android or iOS tablet and the reliable and simple RJB system.

What sets the RJB apart is its ability to maintain connectivity with the app even when the line of sight is blocked. You can trust the RJB to provide continuous and reliable measurements throughout the procedure. Each single-use RJB module lasts for an impressive 8 hours of continuous use, ensuring you have ample time for your surgeries.


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